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Welcome to
Tristate Disaster Volunteer Network Directory

This DVN directory works to facilitating better networking among Tri-State disaster volunteer organizations before, during and after an emergency.

The DVN directory contains self-supporting technical response, disaster assistance organizations in the Tri-State area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Typical groups are CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), Search and Rescue, Mounted Search and Rescue, K-9 Search and Rescue, ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service), Medical Reserve Corps, Animal Emergency Response Teams and Special Response Units.

Groups are deployed at the request of FEMA, Fire/EMS, law enforcement, emergency operations centers, emergency management operations, or other local, state or federal governmental disaster relief agencies. No one self-deploys.


Published by: Warren County Ohio - CERT
520 Justice Drive, Lebanon OH 45036